100+ Unique Copy and Paste Symbols List

Wondered How to Type Special Symbols using a normal keyboard to make Fancy Text Or Lenny Faces?
You don’t have to do this hard task to find fancy symbols because below you can find cool symbols to copy and paste.

You don’t have to add symbol extension on your keyboard and don’t even have to switch to multiple keyboards. Just Copy from below and paste anywhere.

Copy and Paste Symbols For Fancy Font

ᴾᴿᴼ ᭄
YT ᭄

Unique Star Symbols


Useful and Various for Gaming


Various Arrow Symbol

Arrow Symbol are very important to indicate or index anything.. Just copy from below and pase anywhere.


Above You can find all the cool and Cute fancy Symbols.
Normal Symbols like _ / \ ^ = ~ < > { } @ # $ % & – + ( ) * ” ‘ : ; ! ? are very easy to type as it comes in almost all keyboards. But some special symbols like ༒ ☬ ꧁ ꧂ ☆ 彡 ★ ≋ ✞ ✰ ➳ ❦ are very hard to type because you cannot find this on a normal keyboard.
So the easiest way to get this Symbol is Copy and Paste.

Where can I use this symbols?

A letter, number or sign that has a particular meaning. A symbol is a mark, sign, or word that indicates, signifies, or is understood as representing an idea, object, or relationship. So you can use it anywhere you wants.

No matter its social media post or Blog post or anything, You can use this all fonts without having any issues.

How to copy and paste symbols

This method is so simple as you don’t need to study rocket science to use this list.
Follow this Simple Steps..

  • Go to top of this page and scroll slowly to get your favorite symbol.
  • Once you get this and want to paste this? Just Long press on the face which you want to copy.
    ( Our Developer was so lazy that they haven’t added Tap To Copy Option)

  • A popup will appear with some options. Simply click on Copy. Shown in Image below.
    Symbols copy and paste

  • Now that character is copied and saved in Clipboard.
  • Open your social media accounts or gaming account or where you want to paste it.
  • Again long press, You will see option to paste. Click there.
    Copy and paste symbol

This how you can Copy and Paste symbols you wants.

Related FAQ

How do I get cool symbols on my keyboard?

Do you want cool symbol on your iphone or Android keyboard?
This is possible but it is little bit tricky.
You need to install a specific keyboard named “Cute Emoji Keyboard” in order to get some extra symbols.

The keyboard mentioned above also supports 30+ international languages and some of symbols comes from a particular language.
For Exampleα, β, γ, Δ δ, ε, ζ, η, λ, μ and ξ can be only found in Greek language so you have to switch to greek keyboard.

So the easy way to get those all characters are to copy and paste from here. (Bookmark this page so that you can access it later)

How do you type special characters?

Install Cute emoji keyboard in your phone, You will be able to type some extra symbol than a normal keyboard.

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