Mirror Your Text

Tries to use weird unicode characters to mirror your text like da Vinci's handwriting.

Horisontally Mirroring Text

This translator works by first reversing the direction of your characters, and then trying to individually find a unicode character which best reversed version of each of the characters that you type. Unfortunately there aren’t mirrored characters for every letter and number, but there are some vauguely similar ones which are used to fill the gaps.

If you find a unicode character which better represents a letter or number, then please put it in the suggestions box! Thanks 🙂

If you don’t want the individual letters to flip, but instead just want the text to reverse its direction, then there’s another translator called "Text Reverser" which can help you with that.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mirrored Writing

Leonardo da Vinci‘s handwriting was mirrored in many of his notebooks as a light form of cryptography which would prevent people from being able to read his ideas while walking by, or with only a quick glance.

Another interesting use case of text with a reversed direction is in the case of some emergency vehicles like ambulances:

reverse text on ambulance

This is done so that when the text is looked at through a mirror, it appears

Again, if you have any suggestions, please put them in the suggestions box 🙂 Thanks for using my translator!