Small Text Generator

This simple online tool generates small text from your regular sized text. You can copy and paste the small letters most places that you can paste normal text. How does it work? Well, it all starts with our little friend, Unicode.

Generating Small Text

Unicode is an international textual character specification that has been adopted by the vast majority of the world’s computer industry. Unicode specifies over 120,000 symbols, but currently most browsers and fonts only support a subset of this (though support is always growing).

It should be noted that the small text you’re seeing above is not a font. It’s all in the same font, but different character sets are used. Unicode specifies many weird alphabets that can be copy and pasted into Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/etc. posts and profiles. These small text alphabets are just a few of the alphabetical symbol sets contained in Unicode.

As you might have noticed, some letters don’t actually convert properly. This is simply because the alphabets for subscript and superscript don’t actually exist as a proper alphabet in unicode. They’re a sort of "pseudo-alphabet" in that the characters were pieced together from various Unicode blocks. The "small caps" (small capital letters) alphabet is pretty much a complete alphabet in Unicode so there’s an equivalent small uppercase character for each regular character of the alphabet (though the character for "f" is a bit weird).

While building this small text generator, I could only work with the text symbols that are provided by Unicode, so until Unicode actually includes a full set of small subscript and superscipt text symbols I can’t fix this issue. If you find a symbol which resembles one of the non-translated characters, please let me know and I’ll put it in the generator so everyone can benefit from it. We’re not far from having a complete set and being able to properly convert text into it’s miniature equivalents! 😀

Small Text Letters Alphabets

The full alphabets for each of the three mini text unicode sets are below:




As you can see the subscript alphabet is a bit lacking at the moment! Again, that’s because these aren’t "small text fonts", they’re just sets of unicode symbols.

On Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.

All major social networks still support the vast majority of special Unicode characters. There are some exceptions where excessive special character use is not allowed. For example, Google’s search engine doesn’t display zalgo text or circle text in page titles. But if you’re trying to put small text on Tumblr posts or on Facebook status updates and comments, then you should have no trouble at all. This mini text is great for making your comments appear different (and therefore stand out) from the rest.

(Side note: People sometimes call these small text fonts "uhhh small text" or "can I get uhhh text" or "uwu font".)

If this small text maker is useful for you, I hope you’ll share it with your friends and followers so it can help them too! If there’s anything I can do or any other tiny text alphabets that you know of that I should be included in a tiny text converter like this one, then please let me know! You can send me feedback by using the suggestions box, or leave a comment (or both!).

I’m always having fun making new translators with LingoJam, so if you want me to make any other converters like this, please let me know!

Edit: Also check out, which is a dedicated site for small text, and includes other fancy fonts too!

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